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So here I am, file no. 523_99. Date of death: May 23rd, 1999; Resurrection date: January 23, 2199.
How did they do it?
  How do they go about putting life back into inert, purpled bodies?
  Funny, how most people don't really want to die and try not to think about it when they're living. I mean, they at least have some sort of a say in the matter when they would get to go, how they want to go, who they want to be with etc. What you never get to choose is when you're going to live when you're going be born, or resurrected, to be yanked from whatever cocoon you were enveloped in before and brought here, groggy and wet and Hello, it's time to live!
  I'm just thinking now how it (being dead) was kind of pleasant actually a long, dreamless sleep. Maybe I was making up for the lost sleep I didn't get last time I was alive. Those things pile up and catch up.
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