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Colour commentary!

- Gwen Sanders

Oh my God! There is a rat on the ice!! Where is Ilia Kulik when you need him!!
- Ashley Malin

Coach! Somehow I don't think my break dance lessons are translating very well on ice...
- Jia Tether

Sit! Good. Gooood boy.
- Shawn

...did I do dhat?
- Urk

Oh no! Autograph stampede! Which way do I run?
- Gemma Torins

Before I put on figure skates for good I used to be an ace goalie.
- Traci Cole

:: Do speak up. This is glint's visualized, virtualized version of mad libs. Plush the brat - look at that expression. What does it cry out to you? What can he be thinking? Saying?

Send in your funniest, lamest, and most original blurbs to fill in this speech bubble via glintmag@hotmail.com with "Colour Com" in the title, and look for a compilation of all the most colourful answers in the very near future. Now go postal!