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While art and music has inspired figure skaters for generations, figure skating has also inspired as a subject for the visual arts. Whether you're a fan of skating or someone who likes to draw, here is the page where the two passions meet.
On this site I have included artworks depicting some of my favourite skaters. If you have a request (and ask really, really nicely ;) or an irresistible commission for me - who knows? I might be free of my day job one day and spending some time on your favourite skater. In the meantime, browse and enjoy. Don't forget to let me know how you feel by signing my guestbook!

Unless otherwise stated, all sketches and paintings on this site were created by Jenny Tong. Noting that I own the copyrights to all of these images and that reproducing them for commercial purposes is strictly(!!!) forbidden and very naughty, you are of course welcome to print copies for your personal use. If you want to use one of my drawings on your web site, please give a shout via e-mail and add my name and the URL of this site: near zee picture.

Updated 01. 13. 99

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