Chicken Scratch On Ice

Chicken Scratch On Ice

Welcome to Chicken Scratch on Ice, a proud member of the Glint Galleries. The world of writing happens to be my domain and when you mix figure skating and writing, two of my favourite things in the world, I couldn't ask for anything more!

Love writing? Love skating? Well, here at Chicken Scratch, you can get the best of both worlds. Read on to explore the online world of skating fiction, poetry, and prose ...

The first site I'll guide you to today happens to be one I know a lot about, since I happened to create it. :) If Your Heart Surrenders is the story of fictional ice dancers Isabella Litchman and Jason Morris, who, while on tour with a skating tour not unlike Stars on Ice, find their relationship changing from friendship to romance. Complications arise, the biggest being Belle's boyfriend, Colin Davenport, who is also a member of the tour.

The second site on our tour of the skate-writing web is another one I had a part in ... Fire and Ice is a fan-fiction serial created by Jamie Huston and written by a series of skating fans, who've created characters and manipulated the storyline as the saga has gone on. The story of the skaters at the prestigious Montcalm Skating Club is a whirlwind soap-opera that's constantly changing, and if you like writing, you can be a guest writer, too!

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Yasmin Siddiqui, Glint